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Welcome to Beatrust Careers!

Below is information about employment opportunities and open positions at Beatrust.

Our mission

Beatrust's mission is to become a place where people autonomously 
collaborate with each other. In order for that to happen, we have the 
following missions.

Structure people's information and maintain its accuracy and relevancy.
Enable people to find information efficiently to take necessary actions.
Ensure equal opportunities to collaborate for everyone.

What we do & Our product

Image screen of structured profile information
Image screen of structured profile information

Beatrust's new search platfom encourage autonomous collaborations within and across organizations by automatically structuring profile information. It is a cloud-based solution primarily for enterprises that wish to visualize talent across multiple organizations.

More specifically, Beatrust combines the following features in its platform under a global UI/UX standard, focusing on the user experience of individuals and not that of the company or organization.

  • Search function that allow people to quickly find the right person using any keyword including name, department, and professional background
  • An automatic extraction engine that visualizes structural information of unique skills extracted from communication data and human resource management information
  • Interactive function that encourages people to emphasize, offer advice, and collaborate by removing corporate barriers between colleagues and supervisors

Our team with diverse background

People are at the heart of our product at Beatrust. If you feel that providing a place where people can work together with vitality and excitement through technology is something you'd like to be part of, or if building a completely new collaboration platform for the world to see excites you, come join us. Our members are waiting for you!
Kunio Hara, Co-Founder & CEO

While the world we live in today focuses much on individuals, there's still so much undiscovered potential in visualizing one's skill and experience especially in a corporate organization. We're looking forward to working with you if this globally signification theme interests you as much as it does us.
Masato Kume, Co-Founder

With no right answer and limited resources, your decisions will directly be reflected and influence the product in our early stage of the company. If you're someone who enjoys chaos, we're waiting to hear from you.

Ryo Nakaoka, VP of Engineering

Culture & Life at Beatrust


Beatrust respects work and lifestyles of our members while upholding our aspiration and mission.

We're all about distributed work styles to maximize team performance regardless of time or location.

At Beatrust, members have different work styles that fits them the most, both in terms of location and time. Flexible work hours that accomodate both personal time and member's health are respected for our members working with high aspirations and mission. Additionally, Beatrust is not limited to full-time (5 day weeks) employment, and working hours and areas of responsibility can be individually discussed.

Beatrust has an office where members can work together while paying maximum attention to public health regulations (as of January 2021, the office is located at Spround, 22nd floor of Shinagawa Intercity Tower A).


Many members at Beatrust work under flexible hours and location while bringing up a family. One engineer lived in Numazu, Shizuoka. He works remotely while looking after his child at home, and takes a bullet train to the office in Tokyo a couple times during the week.


At Beatrust, we're not fixated on titles. We strive to be a workplace where communication is made public as much as possible, regardless of content or members involved. We value openness and trust, especially when members are dispersed and working remotely.

Diversity and Inclusion

Everyone who works at Beatrust is ensured an equal opportunity to excel their talent and to be evaluated fairly in all aspects. This includes daily operations, discussions, and in hiring and performance evaluations.

Beatrust respects the idea of diversity and inclusion of our members and users, and we won't stop trying to create a better culture and workplace.


In particular, the product development team communicates in English on many occasions, as its talented designers and engineers are from around the world with a variety of background.

Compensation & Benefits

Beatrust will continue to discuss and build up our company welfare and benefits, in regard to respecting new ways of working and providing options for our members beyond year 2021.


  • Salary system based on past positions/performances and the role and responsibility described in positions offered
  • Stock options


  • Benefit programs are under discussion for both members and their families
  • We celebrate birthdays in style 😉


  • Health Insurance: Beatrust is a member of the National Health Insurance Association
  • Welfare Pension: Beatrust members are eligible for Japan's public pension system
  • Employment Insurance: Provided mainly during periods of unemployment, childcare leave, and family care leave
  • Industrial Accident Insurance: Provides compensation for work-related disability or death

Company info

  • Company name: Beatrust Corporation
  • Address: Shinagawa Intercity Tower A 22F Spround, 2-15-4 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6022
  • Founded: March 2020
  • Representative: Kunio Hara (CEO)

Open positions in Beatrust

Beatrust is looking for fellow members who emphasize with our mission in "enabling autonomous collaboration".

  • Full time member (5 days a week)
  • Part time member (2~4 days a week)
  • Contractor: Outsource or temporary contracts (including subsidiary businesses)
  • Intern

Contact us about openings

Please select "Jobs at Beatrust" in the form below regarding open positions.

Interviewing Process

You will be asked to participate in several interviews with Beatrust employees after an application screening process.

A work sample test will be given for product development positions.



Shinagawa Intercity Tower A 22F Spround, 2-15-4 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-6022

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